How to Make Steam Bath Machine

Those who have done Steam Bath know it is a great experience. Steam baths are usually found in gyms or hotels. But now there are different types of portable products available in the market through which you can enjoy a steam bath, although they are very expensive.

If you are determined to have a Steam Bath Machine at your own house, you have come to the right place and should follow the steps below.

DIY Steam Bath Machine

You can easily make a steam bath machine at a low cost and enjoy it if you want. However, there are several aspects that you need to keep in mind while making a DIY steam bath machine. I will discuss those topics in detail step by step with you. Now, let’s get started:

Here Are Two Ways to Make a Steam Bath Machine at Home

Method 1: DIY Electric Steam Bath Machine

What you need to do:

  1. Metal Sheet
  2. Plastic Container (What can tolerate hot water)
  3. Bike Tube Rubber
  4. Glue
  5. Pillars
  6. CPVC Pipe (50 mm)
  7. CPVC Pipe 45-degree Elbow
  8. Small Diamond Disc Cutter

Step 1

You need to take two metal sheets and cut a small piece of rubber from the bike’s tube. Put the rubber in the middle of the two sheets like the picture below and glue the tube together.

Hold for a while until dry. Then cut off the excess part of the tube rubber with scissors. Make sure that the two sheets do not come in contact with each other. (See picture below)

Prepare metal sheets

Step 2

Take a 50mm PVC pipe and cut 1 cm from the bottom with a small diamond disc cutter on either side of the pipe. Now take a flat stick (similar to ice cream sticks) the size of the lid of a plastic container and insert it into the cut part of the pipe.

Prepare stick in pvc pipe

Step 3

Make two holes in the inside of the stick to fit the sheet made in ‘Step 1’ (you can use a drill) with the pipe and the container’s lid. A hole must drill in the part of the stick (as shown in the picture) to attach the stick to the pot’s lid sticking out of the pipe.

Attach the wooden stick with metal sheet screws

Step 4

Attach the two sheets of metal one by one with a soldering iron.

Step 5

Attach the wooden stick to the hole inside the pipe with metal sheet screws. Then attach the lid to the outer holes. Here you can use glue as an alternative.

Attach all making part with plastic container

Step 6

Make a hole in one side of the lid with a soldering iron and glue a pipe on it. Now fill the plastic container with water and attach the lid and give a 220 Volt AC connection keeping some distance.

The water will take some time to heat up, emitting steam like Steam Bath Machine. Right!

You have done your work to make a steam bath machine at your house.

You should be aware of these couple of problems:

 High voltage is in the water, so it can electrocute when it comes in contact with someone. (Keep at a safe distance and in a dry place).

Salt can produce toxic fumes such as chlorine gas if the water contains salt. Use filtered water.

Method 2: Gas & Pressure Cooker

The process is much simpler; let’s see how to make it

  1. You will need a Pressure Cooker and a 2.5 – 3 foot 1/3″ pipe.
  2. The pipe should be adjusted with flour or soil where the steam comes out of the pressure cooker so that the steam does not leak from the joint.
  3. Then fix the pipe on the other side of the bathroom.
  4. Now fill the water in the pressure cooker and turn on the gas.

When the water heats up, steam will start coming out of the pipe; this way, you can make a Steam Bath Machine and use it.

Here Are Some Things to Keep in Mind When Using Steam Bath Machine

1. Mold Formation

 A common problem faced by many people in the case of Steam baths is mold formation. If you set up the machine wherever you use it, ensure that there is as much light and air as possible after use and that you need to clean it twice a week.

2. Walls, Floors, and Ceiling

Before using the Steam Bath Machine, you need to check if it is suitable for your Walls, Floors, and Ceiling, or it can cause major damage to the house. If these are unsuitable, you can wrap them around the bathroom with plastic or foil paper. And make a temporary vent, so the steam escapes after the steam bath.

3. Bathroom Wiring (Important)

If there are any electrical wires in the bathroom, steam can reach them and create a short circuit. Bathroom switches, lights, or other electronic devices must be covered so steam cannot enter there. (You should be very aware of this.)


How Much Does It Cost to Build a Steam Bath Machine?

Since I made the Steam Bath Machine using household items, there is no cost here; Everything can be found in your home.

Is a Homemade Steam Bath Machine Risky?

There is no risk in working in the manner shown in the article. However, when making an electric steam machine, be careful. If you want, you can take the help of your acquaintances with electrical work experience.

How Long Will the Homemade Steam Bath Machine Last?

It is not specified, but the homemade electric steam machine can be damaged anytime. There is no chance of the gas and pressure cooker method failing.


Hopefully, you can now enjoy a steam bath at home with your own made steam bath machine. If you are benefited from the article, be sure to share your experience with your friends and us. If you are not, please let us know with a comment. We are always at your service. Thanks!

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