How to Update Old Jacuzzi Tub

Jacuzzi tubs are a luxurious addition to any home, but they can be pretty expensive. If you have an old Jacuzzi tub that you would like to update, there are a sort of things that you can do to make it look new again. With some work, you can have your old Jacuzzi tub look like it did when it was installed first.

Jacuzzi Tub

Methods on How to Update Old Jacuzzi Tub 

Several methods have come to me from my own experience and research. The process is very costly but much less expensive than buying a new Jacuzzi Tub. I am sharing the methods below –

1. Replace the Tub and Sell the Old One

As time goes on, the tabs do not work as before. So one of the first changes you can make is replacing the jets. Today’s new tubs are much more advanced than before, and new features have been added, which will give you more comfort than the old ones when using them.

However, it is more cost-effective, although it is more affordable than the advanced features. More designs and types of jacuzzi tubs are available in the market now than ever before. It would be best if you chose the Tub based on your needs and the decoration of the house.

2. Change Through Paint

If you want to give your old Jacuzzi tub a new look, you can paint it. You will need to purchase special Tub paint from a home improvement store.

Below is a brief description of the steps:

N.B. Protective eyewear, gloves, and mask must be read before starting work. You can wear a full sleeve T-shirt so that the paint does not stick to your body.

1. Remove the Caulk & Fixtures:

The first step in starting the paint is to remove the caulk around the Tub using a chisel or knife. You can loosen or soften the caulk using commercial caulk remover or isopropyl rubbing alcohol.

And remove the fixtures from the Tub. Fixtures are fixed in the Tub and wrap them with tape (so that the paint does not come in contact with them).

2. Clean Surface:

Remove the items from the top of the tiles, cover them with plastic all around and seal them with tape in the corners of the Tub. 

3. Wipe & Dry:

Thoroughly wash and clean the Tub (you can use a mixture of bleach and water), then let the Tub dry completely. It can be removed using a dry rag.

4. Sanding Tub Surface:

Just before you paint, you need to rub it well with sandpaper. Use 80-grit sandpaper for this. Don’t miss this essential step in any way. Do not use sandpaper roughly; only use it until the slippery surface of the Tub is gone.

5. Mix the Paint:  

You can use Tub Refinishing Paint (polyurethane coating), Epoxy, or Enamel. However, the rules of their use are different from one to another. Their products have rules of use on the body, so read them well, follow and mix them.

6. Apply Mixer on Old Jacuzzi Tub:

Use a paintbrush and apply the paint mixer evenly on the bathtub’s surface. If the paint looks thin after drying, repaint the top of the Tub the next day. (Note: Do not use all the paint from the container. Pour half the paint into another container and use it; then, you will not have to buy anything new next time).

7. When to use Tub:

The paint takes 3 days to dry completely, so refrain from using the Tub for 3 days.

Adequate lighting and ventilation in the bathroom. Keep windows and doors open to escape the paint mixer’s smell.

3. Add or Replace Old Fixtures

With jacuzzi tubs, attached or separate fixtures lose their luster over time, and the Tub looks old due to rust, mold, and discoloration. The fixtures are all changeable.

In this case, you can change the fixtures of the Tub and add updates and good quality. You can always find it online or at home improvement stores.

4. Change Electric Wire and Motor

As the tubs get older, motor and cable problems often appear. Moreover, many complain that old tubs are not heated properly, the pump makes a loud noise, or the GFCI breaker shuts down due to excessive load. The primary cause of this problem is the wiring and motor problems of the old Jacuzzi tub.

If you are constantly experiencing this type of problem, you may need to replace the electric wire and motor. 

5. Decorated Around the Jacuzzi Tub

One way to update your jacuzzi tub is to arrange it visually around it. You can decorate around the jacuzzi tub by adding candles, indoor flower tubs, backsplash, or anything else. Decorating will change the environment around the old Jacuzzi tub. Moreover, all the things that need to be removed during decoration so your bathroom will be cleaned automatically.

6. Resurface the Tub

If your old jacuzzi tub starts to look worn out, you may want to recoat it. You can recoat yourself if you want, there are many sources online, or you can get 300$-500$ (with Kits) if you do it by professional people, Which is a lot more expensive. You will find resurfacing kits at most home improvement stores.

7. Replace the Tile Around Jacuzzi Tub 

The old tiles make your bathroom look a bit old, and your Jacuzzi tub looks outdated. Colorful or bright tiles can make the tub area an exception.

So if the tile around your jacuzzi tub isn’t very old, broken, stained, or unsuitable, you might want to consider replacing it. Although this will not change the Tub, you will get a different environment when you use the Jacuzzi tub.

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Frequently Asked Question

Can You Paint or Change the Color of Your Jacuzzi Tub?

The answer is “yes” you can paint the acrylic or fiberglass jacuzzi tubs in the color of your choice. Special Shower & Tub Refinishing Paint (polyurethane coating) is available for tabs, but you can also use Epoxy or Enamel (oil-based primer) Paint.

If it is painted in a quality way and its proper care is taken, its durability can be up to 10 to 15 years. The cost can be up to 350-1000.

Can You Refinish Your Jacuzzi Tub?

Yes, you can refinish your jacuzzi tub. It’s a more involved process than painting, but it will give your Tub a new look. You need to sand down the old finish and apply a new coating. You can hire a professional to do this or do it yourself if you are experienced in refinishing.

How Long Does the Jacuzzi Tub Last?

It entirely depends on the quality and maintenance of your Tub. It is thought to last from 5 to 20 years. However, older tubs can be seen in many houses. Most of the time, the jacuzzi tub changes because it is outdated.

Do People Use Jacuzzi Tubs Anymore?

Jacuzzi tubs are continuously upgrading with new features and designs to keep pace with the times. It is still popular with people who love luxury.


Jacuzzi tubs are great for relaxing and can really add value to your bathroom. If you have an old jacuzzi tub that is starting to show its age, there are a few things you can do to update it and make it look new again. Hopefully, you have understood the whole thing after completing the article. 

If you think you have any explanations, suggestions, or other ideas for improvement, you can write in the comment box for me. Thank you, and have a nice day.

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