How To Use Jacuzzi Bathtub In Hotel

When you enter the bathroom of your hotel, you may come across a Jacuzzi bathtub, but there is no need to worry. In this article, I will provide you with all the details you need to know in order to safely and comfortably use the Jacuzzi tub and enjoy it to the fullest. So let’s start-

Jacuzzi Bathtub In Hotel

Using the Jacuzzi Bathtub In Hotel

There are two types of Jacuzzi bathtubs: manual and button-clickable. To use the manual features, you must turn the tap, and the water inlet and outlet holes must be activated by hand. The clickable or automated tab can be controlled by pressing certain buttons. Below, I explain how to use each type of tub.

For clickable or Automated Modern jacuzzi Tub

1. Turn on the Main Switch

To turn on the jacuzzi tub, locate the main switch near the bathroom entrance, usually on the switchboard. This switch is marked specifically for the jacuzzi tub; switching it on is the first step.

2. Check Power

Once you have connected the power to your jacuzzi tub, wait 25-30 seconds for it to turn on. All clickable buttons will light up to indicate the power has been received. Once this happens, the tub is ready to be used.

3. Know About Buttons & Other Functions

It is important to be aware of the buttons that come with the tub, as you will need to use them. Below, I am providing a brief overview of these buttons and other functions.

Water Jet Button: This button is for the water jet feature, which provides a massage-like experience.

Heat button: This button is for the heating feature, which is used to adjust the temperature of the water.

Light button: This button is for the internal lighting feature, which is used to provide a relaxing ambiance.

Air Jet /Bubble button: This button is for the bubble feature, which creates a bubbling effect in the water.

Faucet: Some jacuzzi tubs have manual control, while others are automated. This faucet is used to fill the water in the jacuzzi tub. If you don’t find the option to turn on the manual faucet, you should be able to turn it on using the buttons on the tub.

4. Enjoy the Jacuzzi

Once you set the temperature, you are ready to enjoy your jacuzzi bath. Relax and enjoy the massage-like effects of the water jet, or sit back and enjoy the soothing effect of the bubble.

For Manual Jacuzzi Tub

Using a manual jacuzzi tub does not require any complicated steps. All features must be activated manually, and most regular jacuzzi tubs do not have bubble or air jet features. Therefore, this option may not be available.

a Manual Jacuzzi Tub
  1. Locate the main switch near the bathroom entrance and switch it on.
  2. Activate the faucet to fill the tub with water and mix hot and cold water to regulate the temperature.
  3. Press or turn on the buttons in the water jet holes to activate them and receive a massage.
  4. Relax and enjoy the massage of the jacuzzi tub.

Do After Use

Once you have finished using the jacuzzi tub, you must turn off the water sources, drain the water, keep all clothes and items away from the tub, and turn off the main switch when exiting the bathroom.

Tips for a Better Experience

1. Water Heat Maintain

It is important to maintain the right temperature of the water to maximize the enjoyment of the jacuzzi tub. To do so, mix hot and cold water and adjust the temperature accordingly using the heat button.

2. Bubble Baths!

If you have a clickable or modern jacuzzi tub, you can add a bubble bath to your experience by pressing the bubble button. This will create a relaxing bubbling effect in the water and make your experience more enjoyable.

Jacuzzi Tub Bubble Baths

3. Shower Before/after Your Bath

It is advisable to shower with soap and shampoo before or after using the Jacuzzi tub, as you should not use soap or shampoo in the Jacuzzi tub. It will ensure you can enjoy the full benefits of the Jacuzzi bath without any worries. It will make you feel refreshed.


Can You Wear Clothes in a Jacuzzi?

Using the Jacuzzi bathtub while wearing clothes is not recommended, as this can cause irritation, block the flow of water, and contaminate the water, making it unclean. To get the full benefit of your Jacuzzi tub, use it without clothes, but you can also wear a swimsuit is the best way.

Does the Jacuzzi Bathtub Overflow?

No, the jacuzzi bathtub is designed not to overflow. It has a built-in overflow valve that prevents the water from rising too high.

Do Old Jacuzzi Tubs Support Air Jets?

No, older jacuzzi tubs do not usually support air jets. Air jets require a more advanced system of plumbing, which is usually absent in older jacuzzi tubs. However, some newer jacuzzi tubs may have air jets, so it is best to check with your hotel before using them.


With the above steps, you can now confidently use the jacuzzi tub in your hotel and enjoy a comfortable and relaxing experience. Enjoy your jacuzzi bath and make the most of your hotel stay!

If you have any other experiences or tips to share, please leave a comment below. Please, share this article with those who may find it useful!

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