How to Remove Tile Around Jacuzzi Tub

Do you want to remove the tile from the Around of Jacuzzi Tub? I will try to discuss this topic in detail in my entire article step by step so that you can complete the task easily and correctly. So let’s get started –

Tile Around Jacuzzi Tub

Safety First

Safety must be maintained in any work. When you work to remove the tile of the Jacuzzi Tub, here you are likely to be injured by sharp and heavy tools. In addition, dust from the tiles can cause temporary breathing difficulties. For safety, you must wear Safety Glass, Working Gloves, Mask, and Shoes (with a thick sole).

Safety Glass, Working Gloves, Mask, and Shoes

Another thing you should keep in mind is that if you are working on tiles on top of a jacuzzi tub, you can put a thick cloth or foam underneath so that the tub is not damaged after the tile falls. Even if the tiles fall directly on the tube, there will be no chance of scratching or breaking.

Why Is It Necessary to Remove the Tiles From the Jacuzzi Tub?


It is very normal for the tiles to be damaged. Tiles can be cracked or broken in many ways, especially due to the small space in the bathroom. Again, as a result of long time use, the color becomes pale.

Tiles Damage


Not using or caring for a long time can lead to permanent stains on the tiles, which can affect the beauty of the bathroom. (Many tiles stains are temporary and can be cleaned if proper procedure is known).

Reconstruct / sort

Houses with old Jacuzzi tabs do not wish to fit in with today’s lifestyle. So to recreate the decor around the tub, homeowners will need to replace or update the old jacuzzi tabs or tiles.

What Are Some of the Risk Factors in Removing Tile Around the Jacuzzi Tub?

There are many risk factors in removing tile around a jacuzzi tub.
Some of the risks include:

  1. Damage to the flooring or walls surrounding the jacuzzi tub area.
  2. Injury to oneself while removing the tile around the tub.
  3. Damaging the water supply line or drainpipe beneath the tub area.
  4. The jacuzzi tub is likely to be damaged

There is a lot of dust created during work, so there may be breathing problems

Step by Step Guide on How to Remove Tile Around Jacuzzi Tub

Tools Needs:

  1. Air Hammer
  2. Hammer
  3. Chisel
  4. Oscillating Tool (optional)
  5. bucket
  6. plastic shovel
  7. Broom

If you have trouble removing tile around your Jacuzzi tub, follow these steps. I have tried my best to explain the subject in detail in the steps.

Step 1: Unplug all Tub line

Before starting work, disconnect the water, drain, and Electricity line connected to Jacuzzi Tub. If the tub is loose or can be removed, remove it.

Step 2: Cover Jacuzzi Tub

Before starting work, your first task is to cover the jacuzzi tub with a thick towel, wooden board, or cardboard. Often during this type of work, the tiles fall directly on the tub, causing scratches or cracks. So if you take the cover on the tub, the tube will be no damaged if the tiles are broken from top to bottom during work.

Step 3: Remove the Caulk around Tub

The caulk surrounding the Jacuzzi Tub should be carefully dismantled using Hammer and Chisel. If you set the chisel on the caulk and hit it with the hammer, it will be separated from the tub. You can use the Oscillating Tool as an alternative to a chisel, making the job easier.

use the Oscillating Tool to Remove Caulk

Step 4: Start from Corner

It would be best if you started picking tiles from any side corner of the tub. A tile is broken with a hammer. Then hit the bottom of the tiles next to the broken tiles with a chisel with a hammer, and the tiles will come off. Keep doing this continuously.

Step 5: Remove Tiles From the Bottom

Break the tiles around the bottom of the jacuzzi tub like “Step 3”. But here, you must pay special attention to the plumbing pipelines because coming in contact with the tiles can also damage the pipeline.

Remove bathroom Tiles

(Most of the time, fake walls are made around the bottom of the Jacuzzi Tub, so you need the tiles placed on top of it.)

Way to Clean Broken Tiles After Work?

At the end of the work, you must remove the broken tiles. It would be best to use a house bucket, a small plastic shovel, and a glove after work to clean.

First, pick up the large pieces of tiles by hand and place them in the bowl and when the bucket is full, throw it away. Then pick up the small pieces of tiles with a plastic shovel. Finally, remove the dust from the tiles with a broom. Then you can clean the whole place with water.

The broken part of the tiles should be carefully placed in the specified space or the garbage bag.

Broken Tiles


Is It Possible to Reuse the Tiles?

Most tiles will break when you separate them around the jacuzzi tub. You can reuse the ones that are fine. Broken tiles can be used on the floor or outside for decoration or anything else. You can use the help of Pinterest, YouTube, or other blogs for creative ideas.

Can I Use a Wet/Dry Vacuum Cleaner to Clean Up the Area Around the Jacuzzi Tub?

Using a wet/dry vacuum cleaner is not recommended to clean up the area around the jacuzzi tub as this may damage the vacuum. A swab and bucket may clean up any spills or debris.

Should I Hire a Professional to Remove the Tile Around the Jacuzzi Tub?

There is no definite answer as to whether or not a professional should be hired to remove the tile around the jacuzzi tub. Ultimately, it depends on many factors, including the tub’s size and the job’s complexity. Suppose you are unsure whether or not removing the tile yourself is a feasible option. In that case, it might be worth speaking with a general contractor who can provide advice based on your situation.

Do I Have to Remove the Tile to Replace the Jacuzzi Tub?

There is no need to remove tile around a Jacuzzi tub to replace it. The tubs are usually placed separately or fitted to the tiles with caulk.


It is a simple and unique way to remove Tiles Around Jacuzzi Tub. So, I hope you can do this job properly; if you have any problems, please let us know in the comments. I will try to help you with the reply and add it to the article. And if you succeed, share the article with your friends. Thanks for taking the time to read this blog.

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