How To Build A Sunken Bathtub

If your bathroom space is enough for relaxation and fits for relieving stress, you should have considered a sunken bathtub with a luxurious model. This category of bathtubs is installed at a certain level or fully below the floor level.

It makes your bathroom aesthetic and adds a luxurious character. However, the installation process can be a bit tricky, so you should consider a few mandatory things before installing it.

 A Sunken Bathtub

Before installing a sunken bathtub, you must have a good idea about it so that you can decide whether it is necessary for you or not. If you think it is essential and this option works for you, go across the article to learn about the sunken bathtub and install it accordingly. Every line of this article is necessary to gather knowledge about ‘how to build a sunken bathtub’ in your bathroom. And let’s start.

What Is a Sunken Bathtub?

A sunken bathtub is a drop-in bathtub that attaches to the floor. These bathtubs are built into the bathroom floor, and the tub basin is usually below the floor line. A sunken bathtub is a drop-in bathtub attached to the floor. The outside profile of the bathtub is hidden, and the rest of the bathtub is flush with the floor, leaving only its rim open.

Benefits of Having a Sunken Bathtub

There are several benefits to having this item in your home, including:

Sunken bathtubs are easy to clean and have no exterior, which can be a cause of concern. It may take some time to install, and these bathtubs are safe to use, but there is a risk of minor damage due to carelessness. The sunken bathtub provides the aesthetics of a non-stop bathroom।

How to Get the Best Results for Your Budget?

Sunken bathtubs are great for two main reasons: first, because they’re easy to find, and second, because they save you in the long run. You can find these things on the internet and in stores.

The first reason is that this is a quick and easy way to get a sunken bathtub. The second reason is that you can use them to save you in the long run. You don’t have to spend money on marketing and design fees. You can get the sunken bathtub you need without spending a lot of money.

That’s why getting a sunken bathtub is important. It’s an easy way to get a great bath every time without worrying about it taking too long.

How Perfect Is a Sunken Bathtub?

A sunken bathtub is a great solution to make your bathroom stylish because it doesn’t take long to fix for its easy parts and other accessories. You should follow these steps to complete the installation process of a sunken bathtub, which is simple and convenient. The good thing about a sunken bathtub is that it can be bought in various shapes and sizes.

Find the Perfect Sunken Bathtub

The perfect sunken bathtub is a question that comes up every time we need one. It’s important to find a quality sunken bathtub because it costs more than you’re currently able to afford. The best way to find the perfect sunken bathtub is to do your research. Why? Because there are many good options available.

You can also find a user who has a great experience with the sink who might be interested in your product or service. Once you have a taste of the item, it’s important not to overspend on it. You don’t want to end up with a sunken bathtub that’s too new or too expensive.

You can save money by installing this type of bathtub. Although they look chicer than stand-alone bathtubs. Your bathtub can be double way as a foot bath and makes access to bath accessories easier.

Complete Guide: How to Build a Sunken Bathtub

The next step in making a great bathroom with a sunken bathtub is learning about the best materials. You need to find the right tools for the job and require enough space to install or build a sunken bathtub. The good news is that there are people who have this work done for them. The bad news is that there are mistakes, as with anything else.

There are lots of people who start with the wrong idea. They try to do too much and end up with a less effective product. They try to be too big or too small and end up with the wrong size.

But there is a way to overcome these obstacles: to understand one another’s methods and build from there. You must come up with a common goal, develop a system, and stick to it. It is what makes digital marketing so important- you can come up with an idea and then get started.

Create a Sunken Bathtub From the Start

Sunken baths are a great solution to the problem of needing a bath every time you feel like you’re many manufacturer companies offer sunken bathtub for sale that is perfect for those who want a perfect bath every time. You can find them on the web and in stores. This form is a great solution because it doesn’t take long for the easy part. You should follow these steps, and you’re done.

There are a few things to keep in mind when creating your sunken bathtub. The first is that a sunken bathtub should be made from materials that are durable and easy to clean. You don’t want your sunken bathtub to rot or crack over time. The second is that a sunken bathtub should be large enough to fit everything you may need for the day. We hope this article was able to help you create a sunken bathtub that is perfect for your needs!

Design and Materials of the Bathtub

The sunken bathtub comes with a variety of designs and materials, shapes and sizes, colors, and styles (such as built-in, freestanding, soaking, and whirlpool). Based on your need, desire and budget, you should choose a style made with Porcelain on steel, acrylic, fiberglass or gel coat, composite, cast iron, cultured marble, and wood are the materials with which bathtubs are manufactured. They are also priced differently depending on the materials and size. Choose one among those materials made with that is affordable for you.

It’s also important to be mindful of your environment. If you’re looking into an expensive sunken bathtub, make sure the space you want to use is large enough that you can count on having a bath without any issues.

The bottom line is this: you should consider your environment and what information you can provide to decide. However, not all environments are equal, and different information may work in different ways in others’ cultures.

Step by Step Guide on How to Build a Sunken Bathtub

Step 1: Preparation

The first step to building a sunken bathtub is to get the proper supplies. You will need a few things. They are as follows:

  1. Measure the available space in the bathroom, determining what size of the bathtub is fit for the space or which one is suitable over there, and you need to adjust all arrangements accordingly.
  2. After the first one, you need to prepare the designated place for bathtub installation. Deconstruction of the space if required, remove everything from the place, and clean it properly.
  3. Remember, the base layer flooring should be wooden materials.
  4. Measure and mark the area where the sunken bathtub sits and then cut to create the opening for the tub.  

Step 2: Framework

Every part is important. Build a framework for supporting the sunken bathtub. For this reason, you need to choose the model particularly designed for sunken, semi-sunken bathtubs. And there is a guideline or direction in the instruction manual that helps you build a frame accordingly. Here are a few common suggestions are given below:

  1. Almost every bathtub is designed to sit a suitable above floor level.
  2. If you like to add wooden beams for strong support, connect them by nailing plywood.
  3. Marks the hole places that need to be cut for plumbing.

Step 3: Placement

Before placing the bathtub, make sure that assemble the frame outside the holes in the floor and ensure its level. On the determination of the plumbing line, cut the access holes according to the measurement and marking.

You need to check again as final and for sure. It is time to put the frame inside the gap in the floor and fix it with the joist if required.

Place the tub in and connect it to the plumbing. Make sure every edge is sealed with caulk properly.

Make Sunken Bathtub Shower Combo

In the general sense, when two items or facilities are set in the same space, or you can say, the combination of two options is called the combo. Here combo is ‘bath tub’ and ‘shower.’

If you plan to install a shower and sunken bathtub combo for your bathroom, you will need a little more space than usual—the space needs for your walk-in shower. The maximum length of research shows the sizes of the most bathroom and shower combos 60 inches X 36 inches X 72 inches or 60 inches X 30 inches X 72 inches.

One of these basins requires at least the same wall width and length or more to fit well. This way, you can make the sunken bathtub shower combo.

Sunken Bathtub Pros & Cons:

Pros of the Sunken Bathtub:

1. The Sunken Bathtub Provides the Aesthetic of a Non-stop Bathroom

One of the reasons for the growing popularity of sunken bathtubs are its wonderful grants and uninterrupted aesthetics. They also provide many optional opportunities for further design and architecture in the bathroom.

There is a creativity that naturally adds itself to the design of the sunken bathtub. It has more options for customization, which helps to avoid limitations.

2. They Create the Feeling of Luxury

Their nature of customization can be seamlessly integrated into the floor scape. These types of sunken bathtubs bring a luxurious feel to any bathroom.

Moreover, the options and intricate designs of sunken bathtubs sum up an amazing aesthetic appeal to your whole bathroom design.

3. Sunken Bathtubs Allow Easy Entry and Exit

Sunken bathtubs provide easy access to the conventional tub style and an added ease of entry and exit.

Railings can also be added to these bathtubs, which enhances the practicality of entry and exit and adds a dimension to the look and style of the sunken tub.

For safety and convenience, these aspects of the sunken bathtub can be a groundbreaking choice, especially for the elderly and the person with a disability or those with limited mobility.

Cons of the Sunken Bathtub:

1. Sunken Bathtubs Can Be Dangerous

Since sunken bathtubs are assembled into the bathroom floor, they can cause danger. This incident especially happens at night, so make sure that the bathroom lighting options with a sunken bathtub should be essential. 

If you designed a small lip around the bathtub, the features might cause trouble due to less foot space.

It is also important to consider the potential dangers of a sunken bathtub for young children.

Regular bathtubs can pose a similar danger to babies, but because of their design, the sides create a barrier to prevent babies from falling into them easily. In contrast, sunken bathtubs do not exit the side barrier, so think about it before installing a sunken bathtub in your bathroom.

2. They Are Built-in Under Fixtures and Fittings

By design, sunken bathtubs are stable fixtures and durable. They are much less flexible after construction than a traditional bathtub, and rebuilding costs more than a bathroom with a traditional bathtub due to the construction materials and its design.

3. Install Sunken Bathtubs Usually Take Longer Than Other Traditional Tubs

Since sunken tubs are so integrated with the overall design and layout of the bathroom so, they commonly take longer to make plans, luxury design, and install along with a higher grade of materials than conventional bathtubs.

Note: Invisible edge, but a strange sunken tub is a big advantage in some way and may be harmful to others – even a danger sometimes. When that drop-in tub is assembled seamlessly on the floor, it almost disappears, creating a safety issue for newcomers, especially children.


Are Sunken Tubs Safe?

The safety of a sunken bathtub is a question that many people do ask. It is safe and sound, but it requires a little more care to be done before you can use it. You should always read the installation instruction manual that comes with your tub and follow the directions carefully. 

How Deep Is a Sunken Tub?

The depth of a sunken tub is dependent on the size of your bathroom and how much space you have available. Its depth also depends on the style of the country wise.

There are numerous makes of the bathtub, but the standard depth of the bathtub is 14 inches to 17 inches. Most the European style standard sunken bathtubs’ depth is 18 inches, whereas in Japan is 22 inches. 

When Were Sunken Bathtubs Popular?

The historical state is that these sunken bathtubs products were popular in the Victorian era. Since then, the arrangement has been seen as a luxury and featured in many wealthy homes.

A small study reveals that the tendency to develop new forms of sunken bathtubs due to the attraction of ancient cultures began in the mid-20th century. In a 1963 issue of Modern Living, the sunken bathtubs were inspired by the 1963 classic film Cleopatra’s “Glimpses of the Roman High Living.”


Building a sunken bathtub is a really fun project that will give you a great way to relax in your own home. It can be a great addition to any main bathroom, and you can even have it in the middle of your bathroom to have more room to get ready or do other things.

If you are going to build one of these, you need to make sure that you follow all of the instructions carefully and use the right kinds of wood. If you do everything accordingly to install a sunken bathtub, it will ensure that your tub will last for many years and help avoid recurring costs.

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