How to Protect Shiplap in a Bathroom

It’s my pleasure to let you know about the protection of Shiplap, and I hope your knowledge will be enriched through my writing.

You usually spend most of your time preparing yourself for the day’s activities in your bathroom. Adding white or other colored Shiplap to your bathroom wall makes your bathroom look brighter, bigger, and clearer.

Shiplap in a Bathroom

If you plan to decorate your bathroom with Shiplap, then you have come to the right place. You will get the whole ideas and solutions of Shiplap here in this article. You will also get its merit and demerit at a glance. So, why delay? Start now to be enriched your knowledge about Shiplap. Remember, you have to read out beginning to end step by step to get a full and final idea. 

What is Shiplap?

Shiplap is made of wooden board that is commonly used as exterior siding in the construction of dwellings, granaries, sheds, and outbuildings. Many are also using PVC or fiber planks/trim Shiplap for bathrooms in the modern era.

Is Shiplap in a Bathroom a Good Idea?

Shiplap in the bathroom is one of the better ideas which brings a creative-looking expectation. Consider installing a shiplap if you want to get a rustic style by renovating your bathroom. If you want to create a cozy and warm environment in your bathroom, you can add some interesting textures to the wall as per your choice.

Why Is It Called Shiplap?

The Vikings used the first Shiplap to build their boat many decades ago. It was used as the main building material by attaching wooden planks with hard and water-resistant seals. The term ‘shiplap’ has been used since then in the name of lapping material with wood.

Where to Use Shiplap?

Exterior Walls

Shiplap rough saw 25 mm (1 inch) or 19 mm (3⁄4 in) pine or cheap wood similarly 76 and 254 mm (3 and 10 in) wide a 9.5-12.7 mm (3⁄8–) 1⁄2 inch) Rabbet on the opposite side of each edge. The rabbet boards overlap here. The profile of each board partially overlaps with the board next to it, creating a channel that shapes the shadow line, providing protection in excellent weather.

Its strength requires support so that it can form tight seals when lapping. Shiplap is usually used as the siding of a building that does not require any special maintenance.

Essentially, this Shiplap is tolerant of cold and aggressive climates. Rough-sawn shiplap posts and beams are vertically attached to the construction, while milled versions usually form strong seals with nails measuring 51-65 mm (6d – 8d) in frame construction, and usually, It is convenient to place two-by-four side by side horizontally.

Small doors and shutters, such as granaries and sheds, are often made by cutting the walls directly with the Shiplap. Shiplap is also used for a rough or rustic look in the interior of the house, which makes it when used as paneling or wall or roof covering.

Interior Walls

The interior design raises to stimulate the walls of the outer Shiplap. One disadvantage of this type of style is that the gaps tend to accumulate dust. 

When a shiplap is installed horizontally in a room, it looks bigger and is noticeable at a glance. Again, if it is installed vertically, the height of the room seems to be higher. Many also install it on the ceiling to make the top beauty attractive.

A General Idea for Creating a Shiplap Bathroom With These Precautions to Protect Bathroom Shiplap:

1. Do Not Install Shiplap in Wet Places

Shiplap is a type of wooden plank panel, so it is advisable to avoid all places where it comes in frequent contact with water, such as shower walls or ceilings. The Shiplap gets easily damaged by wetting in all these places, and its lifespan is reduced. Bathroom Shiplap undoubtedly gets wet from time to time.

2. Shiplap Apply Wood Shields From Water to the Bathroom Wall

Make sure your shiplap boards are covered with mold-and-mildew-resistant paint to protect them from water splashes. These paints are specially formulated for bathrooms and other high-humidity environments and It can effectively remove water.

3. You Need to Make Sure That Your Bathroom Is Well Ventilated

There is no substitute for good ventilation in the bathroom. The more light and air circulates in the bathroom; the more beautiful and healthy the bathroom environment will be. 

4. Good Quality Wood for Shiplap

The most common wood used for Shiplap is cheap pine. Depending on your choice, you can also do it with plywood or cedar; it can really be a good choice if you plan to install a shiplap in the bathroom.

In this case, you only need to take the necessary measures to protect the wood from getting wet. Proper ventilation in your bathroom will make it easier as it will reduce the chances of mold appearing.

Remember, the best quality wood for Shiplap can protect your bathroom from several issues.

5. Use Pvc Planks/trim Shiplap

One of the best options is to use Shiplap in the bathroom, especially where water and dampness are the main issues. It would be best to avoid the wooden planks Shiplap over the areas.

Type of Shiplap

There is a variety of Shiplap used in the modern era. Such as:

1. Square Edge Shiplap and Nickel Gap Shiplap

Shiplap boards are square edge boards with a rabbited edge. Which can overlap rabbit edge boards and fit together almost without gaps. But, if you want some space between the boards,

Then a nickel gap shiplap should overlap with the space between the boards. And can be installed in almost any room of the house except the bathroom.

Best Fit: Almost any room of the house.

2. Tongue and Groove

Tongue and groove boards have a lip (tongue) edge and a notched edge. This style allows the boards to be tightly interlocked. These boards look almost like regular shiplap boards when installed on walls or ceilings.

Best Fit: Excellent for the ceiling.

3. Eased Edge (V-Groove) Shiplap

Like square-edged shiplap boards, ordinary edge boards have a diagonal rabbet.

 Both edges overlap each other on the board. This overlap creates a small V-groove between the boards.

Best Fit: Almost any room Indoor or Outdoor.

How to Protect Shiplap in a Bathroom?

It is recommended that you apply a coating of roughcast-resistant paint. You can also apply a clear coat sealer to the Shiplap to give it an additional emulsifier of damp protection.

If you apply Shiplap in the bathroom as a significant precaution against humidity, before applying Shiplap, you must seal the wall with undercoat material.


You must apply a clear coat sealer to the boards for an additional layer to protect the Shiplap from dampness and moisture. On the other hand, there are prepainted shiplap boards available you can install instead of wooden boards. In this case, you need to apply a wood sealant to every exposed edge and seam to ensure moisture-resistant. 

Protective Finish Coat

I recommend you to apply Mildew Resistant Paint because this paint is specially designed for the bathroom and is most effective in the high-moisture areas. For finishing, coat Minwax Polycrylic or Minwax Polyurethane as a topcoat depending on your surrounding environment.

Use Minwax Polycrylic or Minwax Polyurethane as a topcoat for your wood finishing

The Pros and Cons of Shiplap

Shiplap in the bathroom is often seen nowadays. Simply put, the traditional Shiplap is a type of wooden board that is often used to make granaries and sheds. A notch is cut at the top and bottom of the Shiplap that can fit the boards tightly together and give a unique look.

If you are thinking of using Shiplap in your home? Here are some advantages and disadvantages.


  1. Shiplap is an easy way to add interest to a wall or room. It is easy to install and can be designed or painted depending on your bathroom or living room decor.
  2. You can use Shiplap anywhere. Around the fireplace, Shiplap is used on the living room walls. Shiplap ceilings are made, and their use as a gateway is aesthetic and Visually pleasing. Using it in the kitchen backsplash or the bathroom requires a protective finish coat to reduce stains and moisture.
  3. Shiplap is usually cheaper. If you build a shiplap with cheap wood like pine, you can cover a 10-feet by 10-feet space for approx $ 180 and 200.


  1. One of the main complaints of a house with a shiplap is that its gaps and cracks accumulate dust and make the place look dirty.
  2. If not installed properly, the Shiplap may become thick or rotten. And especially if it is installed in the bathroom or basement where there is an outbreak of moisture.
  3. Shiplap can be a cliche if it doesn’t match other home decors. Although this is a cheap way to transform a room, Shiplap still doesn’t work for every space.

Frequently-asked Questions

Is Shiplap Real Wood?

In a word, Shiplap is made of wood from ancient times.

Do You Need to Seal the Shiplap in the Bathroom?

Yes, you need to seal the Shiplap with undercoat materials in the bathroom.

Does Shiplap Mold in the Bathroom?

If you do not use for a long time or do not clean it periodically, there will be signs of mold in the bathroom.

Is Shiplap Good for Small Bathrooms?

Yes, you can do Shiplap for small bathrooms depending upon your choice.

Does Shiplap Go Over Drywall?

Yes, it does. Installing Shiplap over drywall is the same as faux planks. Fix it with the wall using a nail gun.

Where to Buy Azek Shiplap?

You can buy azek Shiplap from the Azek Exteriors outlet or showroom.


At the end of the article, I hope you might reach the conclusion of how to protect Shiplap in a bathroom. My writing would be a bit more successful if you gathered sufficient knowledge and idea about Shiplap. If not clear enough, please comment below your unique idea (if any).

We would also love to hear about your success or failure in protecting Shiplap in a bathroom from moisture, dampness, mold, and water. Thanks for reading our blog post!

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