How to Keep Water From Evaporating in the Toilet

Disappearing water in your toilet bowl can be a very annoying problem to deal with. It is marked as a problem that many people face day to day. If you have to go during the night and all of the water is gone, you may need to purchase a tankless toilet. Disappearing water from the toilet bowl happens if you go out for a month or two and the commode is left unused.

Water in the Toilet Bowl

However, you need not replace the entire toilet as it can be fixed easily. Read this article to learn how to fix evaporating water in your toilet and save money in the process discussed below.

Before Discussing the Methods, Let’s See How the Water Is Lost From the Toilet Bowl


Water evaporates slowly, but it does take time (about a month or more).

Bad vent

It is also a specific cause of losing water from the toilet bowl. Causes of water level down or lower than average. Make a system with the adjustment water level to get more water in the toilet bowl.


There is a significant cause. The porcelain in the trap may have a hairline crack causing a slow leak internally. It could be down the drain, so check it properly.

Long Time Unused

Put a bleach cap in the toilet and cover the porcelain with wrap tightly so that you can have a solution and get a fresh toilet while you come back home.

3 Methods on How to Keep Water From Evaporating in the Toilet

Method 1: Try Propylene Glycol (RV Antifreeze)

This substance will also help prevent water from evaporating. It can be found at stores that sell farm parts as a natural antifreeze. Other things (ethylene glycol, motor oil) will do, but they may not be ideal for this process. It is commonly used in RV as an antifreeze. But you can use it safely in your toilet.

Note: This can be dangerous for your pet, so you need to keep your pet away from the toilet bowl.

3 bottle of Propylene Glycol on bench

Method 2: Use Mineral Oil or Vegetable Cooking Oil 

The mineral or vegetable cooking oil can be put in the tank of your toilet to prevent water from evaporating. It will also help stop corrosion and maintain a fresh smell.

It works a lot; many people suggest using it (also suggest – Illinois Plumbing Codebook). Because oil is lighter than water, it keeps water from floating and evaporates for long periods.

To make matters worse, keeping it in the toilet for long periods can produce bacteria. However, it should be cleaned well after a long time before using it.


Method 3: A Layer of Plastic Wrap Over the Toilet Bowls

The layer of plastic wrap helps block the water from condensing on the bowl and keeps water from evaporating. It is not a scientific method, but it is often found effective.

The downside to this particular process is that water starts collecting under the plastic and causes mold and bacteria growth in buckets or trash cans used for storage.

Layer of Plastic Wrap Over the Toilet Bowls

Why Does Water Evaporate From a Toilet?

A toilet is designed to allow the user to empty their bowels into a hole in the ground. To do this, air must be evacuated from the container while trapping water inside.

During the flush process, the heat and pressure of flow from the toilet cause this air to be replaced with water vapor. The liquid wastes suspended in the slurry can also enhance evaporation by increasing the surface contact area.

Other Reasons to Disappear Toilet Bowl Water

The toilet is not properly connected to a plumbing supply line, so water typically leaks out of the overflow valve.

  • The toilet repeatedly flushes due to improper installation, overflow valve malfunction, or other factors.
  • The toilet’s gravity flush valve is not opening properly.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Is Toilet Water Lost Due to Evaporation?

There is no specific answer to this question because it depends on the size of the toilet, how much water is used in the toilet, and how much airflow is happening. It also depends on the local atmosphere.

A white Toilet Bowl


The article is written to solve the problem mentioned above. This is a collection of unique ideas that work easily and save money in a word.

This information has been collected from human feedback (Example: Forum, YouTube). Suppose you have any questions about keeping water from evaporating in the toilet. We will try to answer your question as soon as possible. We are always happy to help.

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