How to Cover Toilet Waste Pipe

When I often visit my relatives’ houses and use the toilet, I notice that the Toilet Waste Pipe spoils the beauty. Moreover, it is difficult to clean the place of Toilet Waste pipes. Strange spots or molds are seen on the waste pipe as a common problem. For this reason, it is very logical to cover the waste pipe.

A Old Toilet Commode without Waste Pipe

I am giving a clear idea through this article. If you are interested in doing creative work like the lesson on the topic mentioned above. Now, you have come to the right place to make a decision on “how to cover toilet waste pipe .”Let’s get started –

Why need to Cover Toilet Waste Pipe 

There are many reasons to cover Toilet Waste Pipes. E.g.

  1. There is a lot of dust in this narrow place, which is difficult to clean,
  2. If not cleaned every day regularly, mold will cover the pipe surface,
  3. Spots or stains can be seen on the pipe,
  4. There is a chance of damage,
  5. Reduces the beauty of the toilet,
  6. Rats are likely to tear up pipes.

Methods on How to Cover Toilet Waste Pipe

Several methods I have found directly and indirectly, which I have mentioned the methods in detail below :

Build False Wall

Many people use this method to cover Waste Pipes. You can use cardboard, wood, or steel seats to make a false wall, and if you paint over it, it will give you a fascinating look, a lot like a wall. You can make it in many designs by using the help of the internet.

Build False Wall

Create Storage Units

This method seems to be the best, given the opportunity to create storage and pass through the pipe. Create storage with your space measured by a carpenter, and these are not available to buy pre-made. You will be able to save the items you need while covering the waste pipe.

storage unit with toilet seat

Decorative Shelf or Tree Pot

A decorative shelf is very useful to enhance the beauty of the toilet. Moreover, you can arrange the necessary products used in the toilet on the shelf. The decorative shelf should be placed on either side of the toilet seat so that the toilet waste pipe is not visible and will be safe. Moreover, you can put the tree pot in the place of the shelf.

Put Decorative Tree Pot for Cover Toilet Waste Pipe

Thick Rag

If you want to cover the Waste Pipe temporarily, you can cover the pipe with a Thick Rag as an instant solution. However, please do not keep it like this for a long time, or the moisture retained by the Thick Rag can damage the pipe. You can usually use this method when cleaning around the toilet.

Use Cover Pipe Commode

Waste pipes of such commodes are not seen; they are covered with ceramic. If you have a sufficient budget, you can install a cover commode in your toilet. It will give the toilet a luxury look and relieve you from many kinds of hassles. 

Cover Pipe Commode


Does Having a Box Around the Waste Pipe Cause Problems?

You must clean and dry the waste pipe area at least once a week. Otherwise, mold or fungus may appear on the inside of the box or on the pipe. In this way, if you can keep it through observation, there will be no problem.

Can I Paint the Toilet Waste Pipe?

You can paint, but it will not provide as much safety as the Toilet Waste Pipe cover. When the pipes do not match the look of the toilet, you can paint and give it another look.


If you like my suggestion? I would recommend that you use the Storage units Build method, in which you can make perfect use of the spaces if there are. 

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