How to Install a Shower to a Freestanding Tub

Indeed, one drawback of freestanding tubs is the need for a built-in shower or faucet functionality. While it may be possible to install a shower with some freestanding tubs, this modification can compromise the “freestanding” nature of the tub. However, considering all aspects, let’s explore potential solutions to enable showering with a freestanding tub.

a Freestanding Tub

To Add a Shower to Freestanding Tub

Enhancing the functionality and convenience of a freestanding tub can be achieved by adding a shower to it. You can take several approaches, each with its distinct advantages. By exploring these methods, you can find an easy solution that allows you to enjoy a revitalizing shower experience alongside your freestanding tub.

1. Place the Portable Shower Stand

Consider installing portable shower stands or freestanding shower stands that can securely hold a portable shower head. This setup provides the convenience and flexibility to enjoy showers in various locations, including outdoor areas, campsites, or temporary bathrooms with freestanding tubs.

A Portable Shower Stand

Portable shower stands typically feature a robust base, and an adjustable pole allows you to position the showerhead at your desired height. With this setup, you can have a hands-free bathing experience and easily customize the water flow and direction to suit your preference. 

Embrace the versatility of portable shower stands for a convenient and enjoyable bathing experience wherever you may be.

2. Adding A Hand Shower

If you’re looking for an easy solution, adding a hand shower with a long handheld shower hose could be the answer to your problem. This setup offers flexibility and convenience when bathing or showering in a freestanding tub. 

 A Hand Shower

The long hose allows for effortless movement, enabling you to direct the water precisely where you want it. With a handheld showerhead, you can enjoy a personalized and adjustable shower experience, making it easy to rinse, wash specific areas, or accommodate varying height and mobility requirements. 

This upgrade provides a practical and adaptable bathing solution for your freestanding tub.

3. Moving the Freestanding Tub to Your Shower Area

An effortless solution for you might be to bring the freestanding tub into the shower area. This simple and hassle-free approach allows you to enjoy the benefits of a shower and a freestanding tub separately. By moving the tub to the shower, you can create a convenient bathing space without the protection the need for extensive renovations.

Why Adding A Shower To A Freestanding Tub Is A Great Idea?

Adding a shower to a freestanding tub offers convenience and versatility. It allows for quick rinses or refreshing showers when time is limited. 

The shower attachment adds flexibility, allowing you to enjoy a comfortable soaking or an invigorating shower based on your preferences. Additionally, incorporating a shower into the freestanding tub optimizes bathroom space, eliminating the need for a separate shower stall and making the most out of your area.

Can A Shower Be Installed Directly Into The Body Of A Freestanding Tub?

Logically the answer would be yes. But Installing a shower directly into the body of a freestanding tub can be challenging and may not be the most practical or recommended approach. 

Freestanding tubs are typically designed for soaking and do not have built-in provisions for a shower. Modifying the tub to incorporate a shower can compromise its structural integrity and aesthetics. It would be necessary to create some holes in the tub and address the drainage issue by using additional water to achieve this.


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