How to Hide Plunger and Toilet Brush

A toilet brush is necessary for every home, but it can be unsightly and inconvenient, especially when visitors come over. They’re frequently the first thing someone will spot when walking into a bathroom. The solution? Hide it in a cute plunge and Toilet Brush.

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7 Smart Ways to Hide Plunger and Toilet Brush

Hiding that plunger and toilet brush is not always the easiest thing to do, but you will never have an issue again with these clever ideas. We hope our list of 7 smart ways to hide your plunger helps make life easier for you!

1. Put a Cover on Your Plunger

There are several ideas for how to go about this, but a simple way is to use a hand towel or similarly sized cloth and place the plunger at the back of the toilet tank.

The plunger handle will be visible, but the toilet brush will not. If you have a stainless steel or chrome plunger, consider buying a rubber glove to cover it so that it matches the rest of your bathroom items.

2. Place It in a Cabinet

A cabinet is always a great place to hide your plunger and toilet brush. If you have a small bathroom, choose a cabinet close to the toilet. This way, you will not have to walk far when it’s time for an emergency.

3. Hang It on the Back of Your Bathroom Door

One of the easiest ways to hide your plunger is to hang it on the back of your bathroom door. This way, it’s hidden from view, and no one will know that it’s there until they need it.

4. Put It in a Drawer

If you do not want your plunger to be seen at all, put it in a drawer! This option is perfect if you have a large cabinet with plenty of room to store things. Just make sure the plunger is easy to access when needed.

5. Put It in a Bag

If you do not want to see your plunger at all, how about hiding it inside of a bag? A great idea if you have limited storage space is to get an over-the-door shoe holder and put the plunger inside one of the pockets.

When not in use, hang this back up on your door! If that does not work for you, how about using a large makeup or beach towel and putting both items into it? Then place this behind or under your sink (or wherever else there is room) when they are not needed.

6. Place It in the Garage

If you do not want anyone to see your plunger at all, how about placing it in the garage? This may seem like an extreme measure, but if you have no other place to put it, then this might be your only choice. Just make sure it is easy to access when needed!

7. Keep it with Your Cleaning Supplies

If you have a designated spot for your cleaning supplies, why not keep your plunger there as well? This is a great option if you do not want to think about where to hide it every time you are done using it. Plus, it will be easy to find when you need it!

Some DIY Holder & Storage Ideas

You can try creative DIY ideas to organize or hide Plunger and Toilet Brush. DIY Storage does not refer to any specific things because you have to make these creative storages with the abandoned stuff of your house.

First, you need to find abandoned or useless items in the house. These can be – broken flower tubs, vases, large bowls, paint pots, wooden boxes, buckets, etc. These can be enhanced by using paint or other decorating processes.

You can also make wooden storage; they are straightforward. You can make a shelf or box the size of a Plunger and a Toilet Brush with wood. It also enhances the beauty of the toilet. You can use doors or curtains on wooden shelves if you want to hide.

Note: Special care should be taken here so that water or moisture does not accumulate in the DIY storage or holders. Toilet Plunger and Brush are always kept in wet condition; they can become unhygienic if dripping water gets. Therefore, the water that drips in DIY storage must be made to go out.

Is There an Alternative to a Toilet Brush?

Unfortunately, a toilet brush is the only way to clean the bottom of the toilet.


We hope this article helped you better understand how to hide your plunger and toilet brush. If not, please leave a comment below with any questions or concerns that we can address. And if our post had some helpful tips for you on the topic of cleaning up after using the bathroom, let us know! Thank you for reading today’s blog post about an important but often-overlooked part of life in every home.

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  1. Really? Hang it behind the door?! Yea, right. What an EXCELLENT IDEA FOR THIS!! Dripping wet… after plunging!?

    Only ONE!… of the most idiotic suggestions, made on this site!
    And only ONE!…word is needed- to describe this site:

    1. Thank you for your feedback Jene. I will make sure to include this issue in the article. What are your thoughts on using a wall-mounted toilet brush holder instead of hanging it directly?

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